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There are so many people to thank, I really don’t know where to start. When my bike and all my kit for the upcoming Transcontinental Race (TCR) was stolen on fathers day, I genuinely thought my dream was over, not just for this event but also the big one next year, the Trans America Bike Race (TABR).

I could never have imagined how the cycling community and other friends would come together to help me replace kit and put me back on a bike, and while I can’t thank everyone individually, please know that I value everyones contribution in what was a fantastic response to my call for help. It would of course be remiss of me not to thank those who have offered either sponsorship or kit, along with the huge fundraising effort by my own team mates at WBR (World Bicycle Relief). So in no particular order, here’s how it happened:

Stephen Tweed (Tweedy) from Team WBR set up a Crowdfunding site with an initial target of just £250 which we thought might be a struggle. We have just closed the appeal at a whopping £2,290 which is enough to purchase a demo bike offered to me by Specialized and leave me with change.
As above, Specialized have stepped in to help, doing me a great deal on the replacement bike and offering me kit in a role as adventure Ambassador for them. This will give me an opportunity to test out some of their bike-packing kit and clothing. More about this in a future blog.
Hunt Bike Wheels have loaned me a dynamo wheelset (see picture) for the TCR. They are stunning and I will certainly look at saving for my own set after the event. This was made possible by friends alerting them to my story and in particular I’d like to thank another WBR team mate, Jonathan Geddes for sending out endless emails as a call for help. I’ll be doing a short review of the wheels this coming weekend when I do my final overnight ride before I wind down for the event. here in the Netherlands very kindly sent me a Brevet jersey, shorts and socks, asking nothing in return. The quality is fantastic (as is the gesture) and I will be calling in the Amsterdam store to thank them personally during this weekends long ride.
Zwift riders have put their hands in pockets and shown me how much they appreciate the work I do for the community on this indoor cycling platform, without which none of this would have been possible. Along with a new series of rides I intend putting on after the TCR, I’m already planning ways to give back to these amazing folks.
My own personal appeal – see below. While this never matched the impact of Tweedy’s effort, it did allow me to begin thinking of replacing some of the more essential items, for example the Spot tracker etc. I will not be able to replace all the kit that was stolen (I won’t even bother trying to save for another power meter) which took me more than two years to accrue, but I’m in a position to now put together a good setup for the TCR and future competitions, something I never thought was possible. Words cannot do justice to express my gratitude to you all.

There is still a way to go, but now I want to say a final “thank you” for you all giving me the chance to not only take part, but to be competitive. There will be a fundraising drive during the event(s) to support my main charity, WBR, but if you haven’t yet donated and want to help me personally – click on a button below. Finally keep an eye on Zwift Riders and Club WBR for news of how I intend giving something back and I’ll be doing reviews of all the kit on my blog.

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Please Note:
All donations and help will be accounted for and in the unlikely event someone steps in to sponsor me, extra monies raised will be donated to charity and a full breakdown given.


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One thought on “Thank You

  1. Hey Derek, its good to see you back on your feet … err Pedals {^.^}
    Hope all the issues will get sorted out quickly and pray God, the stolen items will make its way back to you.
    Take care, safe journeys and best of luck!

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