Team WBR

Team WBR are one of the most active teams on Zwift, the indoor cycling platform. We organise events, race as a team and help to get the word out about World Bicycle Relief (WBR) which we support. I joined them on 11th September 2016 (they were then called Team dZi) after having had a lengthy conversation with Hugo, one of the team leaders. It just seemed to fit well into my plans to become more involved in not only Zwift, but fundraising events outside of the software. I had noticed for a while that they seemed to have quite an online presence and that team members also took part in real life events, so although I'm a member of a local cycling club here in Groningen, this seemed like an excellent choice.

Our team consists at the moment of 27 riders of whom many (including myself) operate as regular ride leaders for Zwift events. When they started as a race team they wanted to have visibility of the team in every race category but also if possible have the power to be dominant in those races, an aim which it's fair to say has been achieved. Besides being prominent as event leaders for Zwift and being visible in the races, we also want to be visible as Team WBR: Riding for World Bicycle Relief, on the platform and in the wider community.

On a personal level, the support I received from my team mates for the BikeMotion challenge was overwhelming and I couldn't ask for more. We set this as just one of the big events to raise funds and I look forward to taking part in many more, while participating in other team activities which are a huge part of the Zwift experience. I'll do amore in-depth article on the team once I've had a good opportunity to get to know people, but in the meantime you can find out much more about our team and read our manifesto on the website linked below. I've also included a couple of more useful links to our teams activities. 

Events on Zwift

Team WBR Website