The 165 km Tour of Groningen is a classic

This page is more about filling in the gaps between events and races, but sadly I don't actually do many rides that do not fall into either category, I'm just too competitive. Having said that, some of the rides I've taken part in with my club (TC Het Trapstel) here in Groningen have left a lasting impression on me and one in particular, the Winterfiets Elfstedentocht (11 cities tour) held in February is one of the hardest rides I've ever completed. At just 200 km it's not a long ride, but the weather can be brutal - icy cold winds and rain/sleet/snow. Even now almost a year later my finger tips have not fully recovered from the frostnip I suffered. Will I do it again in 2017?...

...almost certainly!


Training rides also make up a good part of my outdoor rides and there have been some really excellent routes that I've followed (and some not so excellent!) which I'll share here too. So pop back soon and I'll put in a few links.




24 hour indoor training ride on Saturday 1st October 2016

24 hours at an average speed of 32.3 kph

This is probably going to be my final (really) long ride before the Zwift distance challenge. I should be able to push this to 800km in December for the WBR (World Bike Relief) challenge.