The question here has to be, what is a race and do I even want to take part in them?

In my book, many Ultra Endurance events are races, certainly events like the Trans Am and TransContinental are if you want them to be. Many people take part just to complete them, but I'm much too competitive for that. When/if I do these events, then I will not just be making up the numbers, I will be racing for a top 10 placing or better. Certainly I would aim to win my age category in almost all events.

Then of course you have Zwift events and although they are indoors on a static trainer, they are generally fiercely competitive for many of us. Take the WBR (World Bike Relief) which took place last December on Zwift, the aim was to complete as many km's in 24 hours as you wanted or you thought was possible. I wanted to win this challenge, but being newly back to fitness and riding, only managed eleven and a half hours before climbing off with agonising saddle sores. That problem has been fixed and I intend to win the next WBR, again in December.
The very next challenge saw me taking part in Zwifts 12 hour Time Trial, which I won with 409.3 km at average of 34.1 kph, although admittedly not many people take part in these kind of events - 12 hours on a static trainer takes a special kind of mental strength.

I was more pleased with my most recent challenge, what is called "Virtual Everesting" where you climb the height of Everest (8848m) in one go. I raced against myself and finished 17 ascents of Watopia Mountain in a little under 12 hours, a record on Zwift.

I'll fill in this page as we go along. First I need to secure help/sponsorship to compete in races like Trans Am and TransContinental and in the meantime I'll be doing all I can to raise my profile on social media and Zwift by competing in "virtual" races.