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Endurance Training Week 8

The TCR 5 outdoor training has now started in earnest, with my first night out with my ultra-lightweight sleeping setup after a 210km social ride with Ben Clay and Bart Verheijen, two other TCR riders. We were assisted with local knowledge route finding by Ebbe Nieuweboer, a friend of Bart’s from Amsterdam. It was a tough ride (strong group reduced to under 25 kph average) with more than half the distance into headwinds. I bivied on the outskirts of Amsterdam on the Saturday night, which didn’t go well at all due to the temperature falling to around the freezing point with the wind. The failure to pack a sleeping bag (although I have a half bag, I didn’t have it with me – duh!) and rely on my duvet jacket was a mistake and even breaking out the SOL emergency blanket didn’t allow me any sleep as I was just too cold. Major tweaking required to refine my setup for TCR, but it’s all a learning curve to find what works and keep it at a reasonable weight.

Sunday was meant to be a ride from my chosen camping site to Doesburg, hooking up with Hilke and Natascha who were going to a birthday party. Sadly I never made it as a late start, failure to check ferry times crossing the Eem river (out of season so only twice daily) and then refusing to pay 9 euros to cross through De Hoge Veluwe National Park saw me running out of time for the train home, so I diverted to Arnhem train station and we met up in Dieren, with just 85km on the clock for the day. This is where my backup offline solution = and iPhone helped me out of a tough spot.

The rest of the week was pretty standard, except instead of leading the Zwift rides I passed them over to Jonathan (Geddes) on Monday and Wednesday as continuing training for his ride leader status within Team WBR. Thursdays 3 w/kg ride turned into a hammerfest with the usual group of riders going off the front and averaging 4 w/kg for the ride, not really what I want to see and yet I still got grief from some quarters for my own efforts while staying at the stated pace of 3 w/kg (I was bang on!) for the ride. Not sure what to do about these fliers as despite my best efforts they do break up these faster rides and I’ve tried all ways to avoid it. More work needed on this.

Anyway, here’s the week in view:
Scheduled  Actual

Week 7

Monday – Recovery. WBR True 2w/kg ride. Jonathan will lead, I will be helper again.
Yes. 33.9km
Tuesday – Tempo ride or masters race.
No. Busy with work.
Wednesday – Lead WBR True 2w/kg evening ride.
Yes. Jonathan led again. 33km
Thursday – Lead WBR 3w/kg #pst ride.
Yes. 34.2km
Friday – Rest day or easy spin.
Rest day.
Saturday – Longer outdoor ride, to be decided.
TCR 5 training/social ride, Amsterdam. 212km
Sunday – Outdoor ride. Not sure of distance, depends on Saturday.
TCR 5 training day 2. 84.9km

All in all quite pleased with the week and many useful lessons learned in preparation for the TCR. This next week sees me taking part in my second brevet (audax) around Zwolle on Saturday, a 300km daytime event and an opportunity to take off some of the weight from the bike. But recovery remains my main concern in the early part of the week as missing out on a full nights sleep catches up with me.

OK lets look ahead to this coming Week 8

Monday – Recovery. Lead the WBR True 2w/kg ride.
Tuesday – See how I feel.
Wednesday – Lead WBR True 2w/kg evening ride.
Thursday – Lead WBR Sub3 #pst ride.
Friday – Rest day or easy spin.
Saturday – 300km brevet in Zwolle with
Sunday – TBD (to be decided).

Coaching News & More

Chris Hopkinson smashed the Zwift distance record and also took the indoor world record. I’ll post details later when we know the exact figures and I’ll also do a feature on the kit I’m planning on using for the TCR as I continue to carry out my testing.


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