The Challenge

Zwift Distance Record - current Ex-record holder

Derek broke the old record of 1,609 km in 59:30 hours (total time of 74 hours) on Monday 24th October at the BikeMotion show in Utrecht.
Here are the stats of the new record:



1,620 km in 52:37 hours ride time.

That’s an average (moving) speed of 30.78 kph.

71:40 hours total time.

With the help of team mates and other riders from the Zwift community, I was able to set a pace of 30 kph or better.

Total metres climbed was 9,682 which is Derek's second 'virtual' Everest (8848m).

*Edit - This record was broken on the 18th December 2016 by my friend and fellow Ultra Cyclist - Chris Hopkinson. Here are the stats:

1,626 km in 61:31 hours ride time.

That’s an average (moving) speed of 26.4 kph.

72:36 hours total time.

Chris admitted he found the challenge much tougher than he expected and was not able to continue to push it further. I will attempt to claim back the record in the New Year and make it a little more difficult for those that follow. 😉

My Schedule

BikeMotion Benelux in Utrecht

The challenge began at 10:45 a.m. CEST on Friday 21st October 2016 and took place at the BikeMotion Benelux show in Utrecht over the weekend of 21st - 24th October. Finish time was 10:25 a.m. on Monday, to accommodate the media.


The course used was the Watopia Flat Route - though if you look at the elevation it's not flat!
The Watopia “Flat Route” was added when Watopia’s Ocean Boulevard came online in late December 2015.
It includes the undersea tunnel and marina sections, plus the back half of the original Hilly Route.
While nowhere near perfectly flat, it is the flattest route available on the island, making it ideal for this challenge.

Route details:

Distance: 10.3km (6.4 miles) each lap.
Elevation Gain: 54m (177′) each lap.


I started the challenge riding a Merida Scultura carbon bike provided for the challenge by Merida Benelux. Unfortunately this very lightweight bike is not designed for this kind of challenge and I broke it, then used a aluminium Scultura to complete the challenge.
Virtual bike(s)
The fastest bike in game is the TT bike if riding alone, but I never switched to it. Maybe I should have because I spent a lot of time riding alone.
For drafting, the fastest bike in game is the Cervelo S5 with the Zipp 404 wheels and this was my setup.


Wahoo and 2moso have kindly donated a new Kickr trainer, Elemnt GPS and Tickr heart rate monitor to assist me with my training preparation.
Zwift provided a large screen and a suitable PC for running the software at the show.
The dZi Foundation provided support and merchandise to assist with my record breaking ride.

Previous events and training rides

With regard to my pedigree, here are a few of my previous challenges:

Lands End to John O’Groats - 1,000 miles in 5 days
Leeds - Paris - Leeds - 970 miles in 4 days
La Marmotte Gran Fondo
Several L'Etape du Tours
Paris-Roubaix Challenge (full route)
Training Styrkeproven - 423.5 km in 15 hours
Styrkeproven Bike Race - 543 km in 21 hours
Round The Netherlands - 1,204 km in 46 hours

Static Trainer Challenge - 536 km in 16.5 hours (only ended because the sports centre was closing).
Zwift WBR 2015 - 24 hour challenge. 342.1 km at average of 30 kph (this was my first challenge since my recovery and I stopped due to severe saddle sores).
Zwift 12 hr TT - 409.3 km at average of 34.1 kph (no problem this time with saddle sores).
Zwift 24 hr Solo ride - done as part of my final training for the challenge, I averaged 32.3 kph.
Zwift WBR 2016 - 24 hour challenge. 731.2 km at average of 32.5 kph and winner of longest distance cycled.

See also the Rides page.


Timelapse at BikeMotion